Professional Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleanings.

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Professional Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleanings Service by Rapawzel

Dental health plays a pivotal role in the overall well-being of our furry friends. At Rapawzel Dog Groomer, we prioritize your pet’s oral health with our Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleanings service.

Why Choose Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleanings?

Anesthesia-free teeth cleaning, commonly referred to as Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleanings, offers a safe and effective way to maintain your pet’s dental health. This procedure is non-invasive and mirrors human dental cleanings. The primary advantage is that it’s completely safe with no side effects or recovery time. It’s especially beneficial for senior pets and those with certain health conditions, as it eliminates the risks associated with anesthesia.

How Does It Work?

Our expert technicians, with extensive experience in pet oral care, will gently restrain your pet, ensuring their comfort throughout the procedure. An initial oral examination is performed to assess the state of the teeth and gums. Using specialized tools, plaque and tartar are meticulously removed from both above and below the gum line. The session concludes with a thorough polishing of the teeth, leaving your pet with a fresh and clean mouth.

Benefits of Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleanings:

  1. Safety: No anesthesia means no potential complications related to it.
  2. Comfort: The procedure is understandable and less stressful for pets.
  3. Efficiency: The entire cleaning process lasts between 45-60 minutes.
  4. Affordability: It’s a cost-effective alternative to anesthetic cleanings.
  5. Quality of Life: Regular cleanings can prevent oral diseases, ensuring a happier and healthier life for your pet.

Who is it For?

While Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleanings are beneficial for many pets, they are particularly suitable for:

  • Senior pets, due to the reduced risks.
  • Pets with a small amount of tartar and no deep gum pockets.
  • Animals with certain health conditions that make anesthesia dangerous.

However, it’s essential to note that Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleanings are not a replacement for severe dental procedures but rather an addition for maintenance and preventive care.

Professional Groomers

Ana Barbara

Specialist in all breeds, including cats, I’m a young and patient groomer who loves animals, ensuring a comfortable and caring grooming experience.

Felipe Rodrigues

Specialized in all pet breeds, including cats, my patience, smiling demeanor, and calm approach define my expertise as a professional in pet care.

Jonathan Avila

As a specialist in all breeds, I’m fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Italian. My patience and friendly approach ensure a tailored and comforting grooming experience.

Jose Oliveira

Specializing in all breeds for over 25 years, including cats, and having competed in grooming competitions, I proudly hold various international certificates, showcasing my expertise.

Naize Santos

Specialist in cats, I’m very attentive and patient with both people and pets, offering a grooming experience that prioritizes care and comfort.